Singapore to Frankfurt , Singapore Airlines Economy Class Review SQ26

The Route : Singapore to Frankfurt

The Plane: A380-800

Details About The Flight: Leaving Singapore at 11.55pm and arriving in Frankfurt at 6.20am

Seats Allocated: 55 E and F

After having a solid stop over time in Singapore after arriving from Adelaide it was time to board our flight to Frankfurt, just after 11 pm local time. The seats that where allocated where not the best have tried to change the seats but unfortunately the flight was packed to the rafters and no other seats where available. To be honest I was not looking forward to this 13 + hour long flight being cramped on the flight like a sardine.

A380 economy class review, Singapore Airlines
A380 economy class review, Singapore Airlines

Soon after boarding we took off from Singapore and immediately dinner was served. To be honest being that late or early in the morning depending how you want to take it both myself and my wife where not hungry and tried to get some sleep for the next 13 hours.

We had a family sit in front of us with 3 kids, and all 3 of the kids reclined their seat all the way back, to the point where I could not move my knees a cm. I had to kindly ask the parents if they would ask their kids to recline their seat a bit up as all 3 of us behind them had no space to breath let alone move our legs. After that I managed to get a bit of sleep for approx 4-5 hours on and off.

Soon after my last snooze breakfast came along and we where preparing for the landing in Frankfurt, the plane was about 40 minutes ahead of schedule. We landed in Frankfurt just after 5.30 AM. Now another 6 hour wait time awaits me at the Airport to board a Croatia Airlines Flight from Frankfurt to Split ( review of that flight to come)

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