Adelaide to Singapore , Singapore Airlines Economy Class Review

The Route : Adelaide to Singapore

The Plane: A330-300

Details About The Flight: Leaving Adelaide at 10.25 am and arriving in Singapore at 3.10pm and going forward to Frankfurt via Singapore Airlines again later that evening.

Seats Allocated: 31 A and C

I have been meaning to write this review for a while, just haven’t had time to sit down and devote a bit of time. Both my wife and I where visiting family in Europe and instead of splashing out on Business Class seats we decided to try Singapore Airlines Economy Class.

I have flown in many Airlines both Business and Economy and to be honest with you all, Singapore Airlines did surprise me a lot, not in a bad way I must say. At the check in counter i have asked if i could have exit row seats only reason as i am fairly tall and my knees are not very good after a 7+ hour flight. We were allocated seats 31 A and C. To be honest the seats where really nice and comfortable I would go as far as calling in a Premium Economy seat. One thing that was a bit annoying was the bulkhead when getting up from the chair. We had two lovely air hostesses sitting opposite of us during take off and landing.

Adelaide to Singapore, Singapore Airlines Economy Class Review
Adelaide to Singapore, Singapore Airlines Economy Class Review

The flight past fairly quickly and to be honest there was not much Turbulence if any at all. A lot of dark clouds and thunder but it was a fairly smooth flight.

There air hostesses where walking through the cabin non stop and where offering ice cream and drinks. You literally did not have to ask as drinks where always offered to you. The A330 aircraft is not as good as the new planes such as the A350 or the Dreamliner and you tend to drink a lot more then usual due to the dry air in the plane. Before we knew it was already time to land in Singapore and await our next flight to Frankfurt ( will write a review on that flight as well)

The views in this article are of my own, and I have paid for the tickets out of my own pocket!