Sydney to Honolulu Jetstar Business Class Review

The Route Sydney to Honolulu

The Plane: The 787 Boeing Dreamliner, there has been a lot of Hype in the world in the last couple of years about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. There are many travellers that love this plane. So when it was our wedding Anniversary i thought let’s see the hype and experience it together with my wife.y

Details About The Flight: 30th October departure from Sydney International Airport at 17.55. Flight Duration was 9.30 hours and landing at Honolulu International Airport at 06.25. Business class get 30kg each per passenger an 2x 7kg hand luggage as carry on.

Price: $ 2716.92 inc taxes and Credit Card Charges, Return Business for 2 

Sydney to Honolulu Jetstar Business Class Review
Sydney to Honolulu Jetstar Business Class Review

The Actual flight itself:  (seats allocated 3A and 3C) You can find the plane Seat Layout HERE

Jetstar is a budget airline although these were business class seats it was more like a Premium Economy seat that you would find in other Airlines such as Qantas.

The Crew that were serving us where nice, they all seem to bee from Thailand and where not a local Crew, not that it mattered they were doing a fantastic job, it was just my observation.

The meals that we wanted on flight where not available anymore by the time the crew came to serve us, so we just took what was available. Shortly after dinner was served the cabin lights where dimmed and ready for a nap 🙂 To be honest the Business Class seats on this Jetstar flight where not very comfortable as you were not able to recline a lot, like i said earlier it was more a Premium Economy cabin rather then true Business Class Cabin,

Jetstar Dreamliner Business Class
Jetstar Dreamliner Business Class

After a sleepless 5 hours, the cabin lights where turned on, ready for the landing in Honolulu. The Breakfast service was served Quick and was ok. The Breakfast that was served is a normal breakfast you would get in Economy if you were flying Qantas.

The Verdict: Being a tall person it was nice to fly in Business class and not having my legs trapped in. Would i fly Jetstar again to Honolulu at the price tag of around $1350 per person return? Probably yes. I would try and wait for the specials to come out and look out for Deals.

I will also write a review for the return flight From Honolulu to Sydney (Which you can read HERE)

the views in this article are of my own, and i have paid for the tickets out of my own pocket.