Honolulu To Sydney Jetstar Business Class Review

The Route : Honolulu to Sydney Return Flight

The Plane: The 787 Boeing Dreamliner

Details About The Flight: 12th November leaving Honolulu Airport at 08.15. Flight Duration was 10 hours and landing at Sydney International Airport at 15.15. Business class get 30kg each per passenger an 2x 7kg hand luggage as carry on.

Price: $ 2716.92 inc taxes and Credit Card Charges, Return Business for 2 

The Actual flight itself:  (seats allocated 2G and 2J) You can find the plane Seat Layout HERE

As this was one of the earliest flights leaving from Honolulu it was a bit hectic at the Airport. We checked out from our hotel at 4.30 am aiming to be at the airport by 5.30 am or earlier. You have to be early for international flight at least 2 hours. When we arrived at the Airport around 5.30 am there was a massive line of people trying to check in for numerous Jetstar flights back to Australia. Luckily there is an Express Business Lane.

At the checkout we were being questions by the staff as to why i had 2 carry on luggage i advised as part of business class i could take 2, and they kept wanting to charge me an extra fee. I had to go onto the Jetstar website to show them that Business Class had 2 x 7kg carry on, not one. After this was sorted out we proceeded through to Customs which there is also an express lane for Business Class customers.

The boarding of the plane was quick and effortless, and takeoff happened soon after that. Breakfast was served soon after take off and as written earlier in my post, The Business class food in Jetstar is equivalent of Economy in Qantas

Honolulu to Sydney Business Class Review
Flight Map Honolulu to Sydney

Even though i was very tired i was not able to catch any sleep on this day flight. As it was a day flight i was watching  a few TV shows and going through the photos of our holidays we just had in Hawaii. Before i knew it we were already preparing to Land in Sydney.

The Verdict: This was a return flight that i originally booked for my wife and myself for our anniversary. To be honest i think its not worth paying Business class on the return flight as its a day flight and you will not be able to get much sleep. I think you would be better off with the little bit of extra $$ in your pocket by booking an Economy ticket on the way back so you can spend a bit more while your on your Holidays.

Ready My Sydney to Honolulu Business Class HERE

the views in this article are of my own, and I have paid for the tickets out of my own pocket.