Hong Kong to Beijing, China Southern Economy Class Review CZ309

The Route : Hong Kong – Beijing

The Plane: A321, Flight number: CZ309

Seats Allocated: 37 A, B and C

After a nice holiday in Hong Kong, I travelled to China (Beijing) with my wife and young son.  We were pretty excited to get to Beijing and travel to see the Great Wall.

However, the flight itself left a lot to be desired.  We used China Southern, and I get the fact that you pay for what you use, but this was nothing short of a shambles from our perspective.  During the flight, we encountered a fair bit of turbulence, and the announcement came over the speaker to fasten our seat belts as we would be experiencing activity.  A male flight attendant was walking past and I asked him if everything was OK, and he replied no, and walked off.

china southern economy class review
china southern economy class

Given this was my wife’s second time on a plane, this was obviously something we didn’t really want to hear, so I asked another attendant if everything was OK.  The language barrier was difficult , and I would have thought they might have known the basics of English, but maybe I am asking for a little too much?

In addition to this, I got food poisoning from the food and was sick for 3 days after the flight and nearly missed the trip to see the Great Wall.

Suffice to say, we landed OK, and got our luggage in good time, but the essence of this flight was lost to me, and was definitely not the best experience for us.