Here is one Frequent Flyer Credit card that is worth Considering

this Particular credit card that is on offer from Citibank comes with the following.

70.000 bonus points Qantas Frequent Flyer Points ( when you spend $3000 in 90 days from day of approval)

Reduced annual Fee of $99 plus $49 fee for opting to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

you can get more information about this offer HERE

I personally myself have signed up for this card and have found Citibank to be on the ball with any questions i had in regards to this product.

the reason i like this credit card just for a few obvious reasons is the low first year annual fee and the generous bonus they are giving.

If you take into affect that for $149 you are getting 70.000 Qantas Frequent Flyer that works out to be less than 0.003 cents per point.

you could ultimately keep saving up your points. But people ask me ok so i have received the 70.000 bonus points, where could i go with that?

This really depends on where you are planing to go, if you want to go by yourself , if you are flying Economy, Business etc etc.

but here is just a quick run down of where you could go with 70.000 points

– 2 passengers could fly Adelaide to Brisbane (Business class) return
– 1 passenger Adelaide to San Francisco (Economy class ) return
– 1 passenger Sydney to Christchurch (Business class ) return

you can also use this Qantas Calculator to see how many points you need for your Destination!

I guess you get the picture, but options are endless.

It all comes down when you want to use the points and if you want to accumulate the points, which i try to do and try to fly business Class around the world return for 2 people.

I will tell you later about that in my next blog post.

Thank you

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