Guides on Credit Cards

Many of you including myself, ask what is the best credit card deal to get as many Frequent Flyer points?

I get asked by friends and family all the time, what promotions are out there that will give me the most points?

To be honest there are many credit cards, some have a high annual fee some don’t.
It really pays to shop around.
I will also be posting the latest credit card deals that i think are worth applying for.
There are many websites that will tell you exactly that but they will push on the Credit Cards where the banks will give them the most kickback.
While i have no affiliation with any Banks or Credit Card providers, it will simply be my recommendation based on points and Annual Credit Card Fee.

Many will earn FF points by simply flying a lot, for work or leisure and earn a huge amount of points that way.
But for most of us its collecting Frequent Flyer points through our credit card and by spending a lot of money on them.

Having worked in Finance i was seeing it way to often where people are applying constantly for credit cards just to get a few more extra bonus points.
Not many of us think anything of that, but let me tell you it does impact your credit rating, especially if you are trying to save of for a house or trying to get that new car.

I personally would not apply for more then 3 Credit cards in a Calendar year. But before you apply for the next credit card make sure that you have closed the previous credit card with no amount owing it.

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