American Airlines is offering up to 120,000 bonus AAdvantage miles when buying miles

America Airlines is running another promotion when you are buying AAdvantage miles and giving you an opportunity to get up to 120,000 bonus points, depending on what package you choose to buy.  If you purchase the top tier with the 120.000 bonus points this equates to 1.7c $US which at today’s exchange rate is $2.28c in Australian Dollars.

Why would you buy American Airlines Points?

  • American Airlines is part of the OneWorld Alliance which means you can redeem American Airline Points on number of Airlines such as Qantas, Qatar, Cathay Pacific and British Airways.
  • American Airlines offers these promotions to buy points with bonus points which you won’t see from QANTAS or Virgin Australia. Buying  points from either of the two of our Australian carriers are a lot more expensive and you are limited at the amount of points you can buy.

Here are some example Redemption’s

below are some examples for one way redemption

  • Any Business Class domestic Australia flight with Qantas @ 20.000 AAdvantage miles, do your research as QANTAS can be better on some routes.
  • Australia / New Zealand Business Class flying to Japan or South Korea for 40.000
  • Australia or New Zealand to Fiji on Fiji Airways Business Class (oneworld) 30.000
  • Australia / New Zealand Business Class to Europe on oneworld airlines 85.000


Some things to consider before buying American Airlines Points

  • The exchange rate between the US and AUD
  • how many points do you need for your next flight?
  • Taxes you will pay for your intended flights
  • You can’t buy points if your account is less then 30 days old (sign up here)

How to book with American Airlines?

To make a booking with American Airlines and redeem your points for Award flights there are number of ways how you can go about this. If you are booking your award seat and flying with QANTAS, British Airways and some other carriers you can book online with American Airlines.

If you are unable to make a booking online then you will need to call their call centre (02) 9101 1948 they may also charge you a booking fee of $75USD.

Value For Money
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