Using Airport Lounges While Travelling in Economy Class

There are many of us that can not afford Business Class seats, whether we are purchasing them last minute and the prices are outrageous or if we simply can’t find an award Business class seat and having to go Economy Class for a specific trip.

Many of us don’t know that we can get access to Business Class lounges around the world for sometimes a very small fee. When you think about it some Airports can be really expensive just to have coffee or drink let alone lunch. So it does make sense to pay entry into a lounge especially because you get unlimited food, drinks, wi-fi, hot shower and a good seat to relax.

Priority Pass has an offer at the moment, SEE HERE where you can buy 10 Lounge Pass Visits for around $250 AUD which basically equates to $25 per visit. Which I think is top value based on what you are getting. If you were going to have just one beer at the Airport you would pay more then $10 for it and no seat in sight to sit down relax and unwind.

Priority Pass is offered by many of our Australian Banks via the Credit Card and you get 2 free lounge visits per year, if you are bring in a guest with you they will be charged a fee of $27US for the entry.

Where are the lounges? There are literally 1000 of lounges available from Priority Pass you can find the list of lounges on their website or by downloading their App.

If you are not going to make use of the 10 lounge visit pass you can also utilise a service called LoungeBuddy although this is more expensive and you would only use it on a last minute booking or if you were literally standing right in front of the Lounge as it send you a confirmation booking via e-mail which you can present at the door.