The best way to use 75,000 Virgin Velocity Points

I have done a similar post for the best way to use 75,000 Qantas Points, so it’s time to do one for Virgin Australia – Velocity Points. As in the previous article there are many credit cards that are offering bonus sign ups, and usually they seem to be around the 75,000 bonus points mark, or unless you get a home loan for NAB that’s where you could score a 250,000 sign up bonus.

There are many ways to spend your Velocity Points, but I don’t believe it should be spent on Gift vouchers ( unless you absolutely need the vouchers) or purchasing items from the store such as a Toaster or Kettle!

Here are some of Virgin Australia’s top destinations for Domestic Travel

Departure CityArrival CityClass of TravelPoints Required
SydneyMelbourneEconomy7,800 Points + $21.11 AUD Taxes
BrisbaneSydneyEconomy7,800 Points + $20.79 AUD Taxes
MelbourneBrisbaneEconomy11,800 Points + $21.47 AUD Taxes
MelbourneGold CoastEconomy11,800 Points + $19.39 AUD Taxes
SydneyPerthEconomy17,800 Points + $17.47 AUD Taxes


As you can see from the table above there many ways to spend your 75,000 if your going economy.  For example if you were flying Sydney to Perth ( coast to coast) and want to fly business one way it would set you back 35,500 one way. I will also touch international travel by using your Velocity Points.

Departure CityArrival CityClass of TravelPoints Required
SydneyAucklandEconomy17,800 Points + $129.17 AUD Taxes & Fees
SydneyFijiEconomy17,800 Points + $94.77 AUD Taxes & Fees
BrisbaneSingaporeEconomy35,000 Points + $112.53 AUD Taxes & Fees
SydneyLos AngelesEconomy44,800 Points + $137.67 AUD Taxes & Fees
MelbourneLondonEconomy75,000 Points + $114.71 AUD Taxes, Carrier Charges & Fees


I have only mentioned the above flights which are the most popular Virgin Australia Flights out of Australia. There is many more options where you can redeem your points. You can also make use of the Velocity Points Table HERE. This is just a guide if you wanted to use your points straight away. You can always bank your points for a little bit longer and us them for bigger trips for yourself or your family. But I don’t like to hold onto the points for too long as points usually devalue every 2 years!