The best way to use 75,000 Qantas Points

There are many Credit Cards out there at the moment that offer the 60-75,000 QANTAS Points as a Bonus offer for new cards, and many of us think ohhhh I will get myself $500 gift card or i will get a new toaster from the QANTAS store or a new Perfume!! STOP THINKING like that ! unless you really want that toaster!

There are many ways to spend 75,000 QANTAS Points on QANTAS flights and its partners on the ONEWORLD alliance, which also included Jetstar. To Be Honest sometimes it’s hard to find availability on award flights and I have touched base here on how you can find reward seats the easiest way!

You can redeem your QANTAS points on Domestic Business Class travel.  Here are some examples of Domestic Travel One way.

Departure CityArrival CityClass of TravelPoints Required
AdelaideGold CoastBusiness19,200


As you can see from the table above you can get a return trip in Business Class from Coast to Coast plus taxes of around $65 for the Flight Sydney to Perth Return. Now that we have touched base on where you could spend your points flying Domestic, now i will touch on where you could fly on international flights, see table below one way fares

Departure CityArrival CityClass of TravelPoints Required
SydneyHong KongEconomy28,000
SydneyHong KongBusiness60,000


I have only mentioned some of the flights you can redeem your QANTAS points. There are plenty of ways of using your QANTAS points with QANTAS directly and their award partners. This is just a guide if you wanted to use your points straight away. You can always bank your points for a little bit longer and us them for bigger trips for yourself or your family. But i don’t like to hold onto the points for too long as points usually devalue every 2 years!