Struggling to find Upgrades and Award Flights?

There are millions of us and I am not joking that are looking to upgrade their flight or book an Award Flight using our Frequent Flyer Points / Miles. Most of us will spend hours trying to find a flight that we can redeem our points on. I would also say that many of us simply give up after a while as sometimes there is just literally nothing available? SO WE THINK!!!

Lets stop searching for those flights sit back and relax and read the rest of this review! I will tell you about 2 Programs / Sites that we can make good use of.

Expert Flyer

Expert Flyer is one of those services. If you are looking to redeem your Frequent Flyer Points for a flight, upgrade your flight, or anything else, you will find it on Expert Flyer. You can set your alerts and they will E-mail you as soon as something has come with your search terms. As this is very complex and powerful tool that will save you a headache it does come with a small monthly fee. there are 2 options one is a $4.99 (US) and another subscription is $9.99 (US) both have its benefits depending on what you want. Even if you area just using it as a once off for 1 month, I personally think its worth it. The link to EXPERT FLYER is HERE

Award Nexus

Award Nexus is very similar to Expert Flyer, their program is very straight forward. you can search across multiple airline sites, dozen of destinations, or weeks of travel dates. The site automatically filters the hundreds of flight options available and pinpoints the best options. They also have an option called High-Quality Award Search, this advance system find 20% more availability for your Frequent Flyer Miles / Points then what the Airline’s own website. With the 20% increase in flight options could mean flying on the premier carrier with the best service, or skipping hours of layover time, or being able to redeem for the free flight at all, using your miles. As with Expert Flyer you can create an email alert when space becomes available for your chosen dates.

Award Nexus also has a fee for your searches but its a little bit more complex compared to Expert Flyer. I know I will use them and have used them before, I call it a convenience TAX : )  and plus it will give you an advantage over the competition.  You can find the Award Nexus sign up details HERE


Summing Up:

Why doesn’t everyone use this? to be honest many of Frequent Flyer’s do and that’s why we sometimes struggle to find seats when we search on websites like QANTAS. I personally think the fee you pay for any of these services is worth it, even if you just use it for one flight. You will save yourself a headache of finding a seat especially when you are looking for an award seat for 2 or more passengers, which is sometimes impossible to find.